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Glory of India Value Education Book Series is based on Vedic histories. It is a well-structured syllabus for students from class one to class twelve to learn values alongside the glory of India as seen in its existing landmarks and ancient structures. 

“Connect” sections in the beginning and “Reflect” sections at the end of each lesson guide the teacher to conduct interactive discussions with the students. These discussions improve thinking and oratorical skills even as the students imbue values for self-sustenance and progressive social interactions. There are thought provoking fun activities for the children and ideas for the teens to have debates, JAM sessions, group discussions and research. 

There are over 200 stories with attractive colour pictures set aesthetically to awaken a connection with the eternal and divine. An introduction to the role models of the vedic age who lived by the highest values and principles give the students a broader perspective to the purpose and conduct of life.

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