ŚB 10.10.41

साधूनाां समचित्तानाां सुतराां मत्कृ तात्मनाम्।
दर्शनान्नो भवेद् बन्ध: पुांसोऽक्ष्णो: सचवतुर्शथा ॥ ४१ ॥
sādhūnāṁ sama-cittānāṁ
sutarāṁ mat-kṛtātmanām
darśanān no bhaved bandhaḥ
puṁso ’kṣṇoḥ savitur yathā


sādhūnām — of devotees; sama-cittānām — who are equally disposed
toward everyone; sutarām — excessively, completely; mat-kṛta-ātmanām —
of persons who are fully surrendered, determined to render service unto
Me; darśanāt — simply by the audience; no bhavet bandhaḥ — freedom
from all material bondage; puṁsaḥ — of a person; akṣṇoḥ — of the
eyes; savituḥ yathā — as by being face to face with the sun.


When one is face to face with the sun, there is no longer darkness for
one’s eyes. Similarly, when one is face to face with a sādhu, a devotee,
who is fully determined and surrendered to the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, one will no longer be subject to material bondage

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